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We focus exclusively on investment management and specialize in income-oriented investing. We’re not “active traders,” we’re active managers of your wealth. Our philosophy is to provide personalized investment management to meet long-term goals in a style that considers all client objectives and expectations. Our strategy for you will be carefully crafted to fit your unique circumstances. Wherever you want your money to take you, the multi-faceted CIA professional staff will use its expertise in investments, taxes, real estate and small business operations to help you get there.

Featured Advisor

Featured Advisor

Featured Advisor - Wes Moss

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Latest News

  • Reiner Comments to WSJ on ETF Options

    What makes one ETF a good investment over another? The answer will vary depending on your portfolio, tolerability, and risk. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Mitch Reiner shares his thoughts about fine tuning portfolios based on investor risk and preference.

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  • Reiner in Money Magazine: Boosting Returns When Interest Rates Sink

    With bond rates looking bare, income investors are eager to grab greener options. Mitch Reiner offers a few tips to Money Magazine for investors seeking options for their portfolio.

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  • CIA's Investment Committee Shares 10 Forecasts for 2015 with Morningstar

    As we near the end of this year's first quarter, our investment committee shared some predictions for investing and projected outcomes for the rest of 2015. Our committee compiled these predictions into an article shared by our Chief Investment Strategist, Wes Moss.

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  • Wes Moss Answers Top Financial Questions on 11Alive

    In a recent series of interviews with 11Alive Reporter, Jennifer Leslie, Wes Moss answered some of the top frequently asked financial questions from clients and consumers.

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How Can CIA Help You?

How Can Capital Investment Advisors Help You?

“I’m Nearing Retirement.”

You might need to consolidate multiple 401(k) plans into a managed IRA to achieve your personal goals. You may also reposition your investments from growth stocks into income investments, real estate or dividend stocks.
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“I’m Retired.”

You may need to generate income from investments and have a personalized equity portfolio that reflects retirement cash flow needs while also considering growth to counter the effects of inflation.
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“I Own a Business.”

You may need supervision and management of your firm's SEP, 401(k) or profit sharing plans, or guidance on selling your business and retiring.
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